Cllr. Howard Roberts

Cllr. Howard Roberts

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Proposal for a new Rugby awards scheme

Howard speaking on the recent motion he proposed

Cllr. Howard Roberts has recently proposed a major overhaul of the honours system available to the unsung heroes of Rugby. In a motion debated on the 26th July Howard proposed the motion  “That this Council develop a system of honours for its citizens who engage in exemplary community service“.

Howard’s proposed scheme would take nominations from the public. The nomination process will be informal so as to prevent this from being a process solely driven by the already empowered.

A politically neutral, stakeholder based panel would adjudicate and the intention is that local businesses will want to be associated with the positive garb of the achievements that will be unearthed. This sponsorship should hopefully make it a cost-free exercise for the Council.

A ceremony to reward the celebrated members of the Borough would take place in the Town Hall and be presided over by the Mayor. Hopefully at this ceremony it will be conveyed to the collected recipients our gratitude and pride in their work. 

Howard commented: “Through my work as a Councillor in the ward I encounter remarkable individuals regularly. This commendable minority enact a series of compassionate and powerful deeds over long periods seemingly unconscious of the difference they make, and without an expectation of honour or reward. Hopefully my proposal will be approved and we can start to apportion the praise they deserve.”

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