Cllr. Howard Roberts

Cllr. Howard Roberts

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Reception at Shire Hall

On the 17th September I was delighted to attend the Shire Hall reception held by the Chairman of Warwickshire County Council, Cllr. Morris-Jones. As ever this was a very pleasant evening.

Here I discussed cross-county issues with district Councillors from other Councils, Wards and Parishes. It was also an important time to collar County Council officers who I often do not get access to and probe them on several issues important to Dunchurch and Knightlow.

As the evening came to an end, spotting the famous "bear with ragged staff" that is synonymous with Warwickshire I couldn't resist getting a photo!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Sewerage in Bourton and Draycote

Smells from the sewerage system have been a long running blight on certain parts of Bourton-On-Dunsmore.and Draycote.  I worked with the past member, Cllr. Ron Ravenhall, to try and rectify the problem but little has been done by the water company.

I will be asking for a site visit from Severn Trent. They have made promises in the past but we still have the problem. The state of the   sewers is a health risk just waiting to happen. We need concrete action.

Furthermore I have passed information held by the Borough Council to members of the Parish Council. This should hopefully feed into the discussion pn this important topic.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Letter to the local press on the draft National Planning Policy Framework

Dear Editor,

Your letters page, which I often use as a barometer of feeling in the area, is frequently dominated with opinion on various planning issues. For me, this signals that development, both commercial and residential, is probably the most contentious issue that communities have to contend with.

Preserving the natural environment whilst also allowing for housing a growing population is a very delicate balancing act. The Government is currently consulting on a different approach to planning in a document titled the '
Draft National Planning Policy Framework'. Their intention is to reform the planning system so that it is less complex and more accessible, however it is predicated on the assumption that the UK needs to grow housing at an accelerated rate.

The consultation on this document ends on the 17th October. Given the outcome of the debate could substantially alter how planning applications are decided within our Town, I encourage people to read the document and contribute to the debate. The full document can be downloaded from the Department of Communities and Local Government website or it can be read in hard copy at the Town Hall.

I am happy to facilitate the passing on of views from residents of Dunchurch and Knightlow to the consultation and I am sure colleagues representing other wards would do the same.

Yours faithfully,
Cllr. Howard Roberts,
Dunchurch and Knightlow Ward