Cllr. Howard Roberts

Cllr. Howard Roberts

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Proposal for a new Rugby awards scheme

Howard speaking on the recent motion he proposed

Cllr. Howard Roberts has recently proposed a major overhaul of the honours system available to the unsung heroes of Rugby. In a motion debated on the 26th July Howard proposed the motion  “That this Council develop a system of honours for its citizens who engage in exemplary community service“.

Howard’s proposed scheme would take nominations from the public. The nomination process will be informal so as to prevent this from being a process solely driven by the already empowered.

A politically neutral, stakeholder based panel would adjudicate and the intention is that local businesses will want to be associated with the positive garb of the achievements that will be unearthed. This sponsorship should hopefully make it a cost-free exercise for the Council.

A ceremony to reward the celebrated members of the Borough would take place in the Town Hall and be presided over by the Mayor. Hopefully at this ceremony it will be conveyed to the collected recipients our gratitude and pride in their work. 

Howard commented: “Through my work as a Councillor in the ward I encounter remarkable individuals regularly. This commendable minority enact a series of compassionate and powerful deeds over long periods seemingly unconscious of the difference they make, and without an expectation of honour or reward. Hopefully my proposal will be approved and we can start to apportion the praise they deserve.”

Monday, 22 August 2011

Finding facebook!

Facebook has been around for many year; it has spawned a movie, become a multi-billion dollar business and seemingly altered the world of communication for good.

That all said, it is true that not all local Government representatives have utilised his potential. I have decided that now is the time for me to try and connect with my ward using the tool of facebook.

This foray into social media will in no way interfere with my use of traditional methods for communicating with my constituents. I will continue to knock doors, deliver leaflets and attend Parish Council meetings.

So if you would like to add me as friend then look for Howard Roberts on facebook!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Call to clean up Bob's Cafe

Howard inspecting the Bob's Cafe site

The recent arson at the former site of “Crazy Daisy’s” nightclub on the A45 at Stretton-On-Dunsmore has shocked villagers. The event has led Councillor Howard Roberts to call for the Planning Department at Rugby Borough Council to be more vigilant against allowing derelict sites to lay dormant, often attracting these devastating events.

Cllr. Roberts commented: ‘We must do more to secure commercial buildings that have ceased trading and become derelict. I have called on the Planning Department to be more proactive in the serving of enforcement notices to ensure these sites are made available to the open market, secured or demolished’.

Cllr. Howard Roberts has also visited another derelict commercial building on the A45 near Stretton-On-Dunsmore, the “Bob’s Café” site. In the recent past there has been vandalism, squatting and illegal traveller camps at this site. Cllr. Roberts has called on the Planning Department to act on this site to prevent it falling to the same fate as Crazy Daisy’s.

Cllr. Roberts said: ‘I have visited the Planning Department and made it quite clear that the “Bob’s Café” site is not only an eyesore but also a potential target for illegal travellers, vandals and squatters. I have asked that the Planning Department use the powers at its disposal to force the site owners to act now. We do not want to see a repeat of the Crazy Daisy’s fire at “Bob’s Cafe”’

Friday, 19 August 2011

Letter to the Rugby Observer on the recent rioting

Dear Editor,
The riots around the country have obviously focussed our attention on the young people involved in gangs. Their wanton violence has disgusted us all and there can be no excuse.

In comparison with the mob rule that has dominated our screens we have also seen the inspiring England Cricket team as they have established themselves as the premier test team in the world. These young men have shown that through hard work and dedication you can achieve great things.

Within this great test team, former Dunchurch resident Ian Bell, schooled in Princethorpe, has been an integral member. He has once more highlighted that Rugby has a great tradition of sport.

Although top-class sport is a wonderful spectacle we must also remember that mass-participation sport can provide a wonderful outlet for young people’s energy and motivation. We should encourage and provide opportunities for it to be more accessible.

The majority of young people that I meet as a Councillor and in my day job as a teacher are polite and have a good moral outlook. While we should make an example of the more virulent strains of some juveniles, as a society we should also allow the talents of the commendable majority to be encouraged and showcased.

Yours faithfully,
Cllr. Howard Roberts
Dunchurch and Knightlow Ward

Thursday, 18 August 2011


The Ken Marriott Leisure Centre is over 40 years old and at the end of its life. Rugby Borough Council has submitted plans to build a new centre at the site on Bruce Williams Way which will feature a 25 metre swimming pool suitable for regional competitions, a second pool with a moveable floor to allow the depth to be changed, a fitness suite double the size of the existing one and a climbing wall.

Cllr. Howard Roberts has been an integral part of the push to replace Ken Marriott. Sitting on the important Task and Finish group, Howard has pushed for more economies to be made in order to get value for money in this major project.

Howard commented: “In my role I have championed a new leisure centre so that Rugby’s population has access to modern facilities. However I am aware that capital spending of this scale in the current economic situation is controversial. I have fought to ensure that all estimates are scrutinised meticulously and costs kept down at every point.”  

The council's planning committee should consider the application by September and if the proposal is accepted funding for the project will be discussed at a full council meeting in February 2012. The Ken Marriott will remain open while construction work takes place and the council said if all goes to plan it hopes the new leisure centre will be fully operational in July 2013.

If you have any views please contact Howard as he would like to ensure input from the villages in this urban project.

Welcome to my blog!

As Rugby Borough Councillor for the ward of Dunchurch and Knightlow I am always looking for new ways to communicate with the people I represent. Although "blogging" has been around for a while I feel the time has now come for me to try and use it constructively in my role as a local Councillor .

I shall endeavor to post regularly with my thoughts on relevant local issues. I intend to publish my In Touch newsletters on here as well as delivering them to your home.

If you have any issues that you would like me to tackle in my role as your Borough Councillor then please don't hesitate to contact me.